Be Deliciously Healthy

Jennifer Mac

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Hi there :D First, thank you so much for watching this video for a chance to become a Game Changer with Fiverr (I'd really appreciate your vote!). Second, helping people "be deliciously healthy" is what I do! I teach recipes for people who are taking their health to the next level, from vegan to paleo to diabetic to gluten-free. It's all about having options. I'm also into sharing natural beauty and DIY tips. And at my core, I'm an entrepreneur... or should I say, working my way up the mountain to be one someday. Join me as I share with you my personal journey in recovered health and kitchen adventures! After 10+ years on medication for an autoimmune disease, I’m happy to say I kicked the ol’ bottle... pill bottle, that is! Thanks again! Jennifer Mac

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Best of luck from Team Zavely! (Posted 2017-09-09 00:06:55)

Hi, this is Team Zavely. Independently of the outcome of this fun competition with some many talented entries, we want to wish your business much success!

Voting for Jennifer Mac (Posted 2017-09-07 15:31:24)

Hi Jennifer - I absolutely am giving you my vote. I am providing positive changes in life through my tiny houses, and your health and kitchen "adventures" are wonderful and needed. And I can't think of a more beautiful person to deliver your message than yourself. Wishing you the best ... Rich

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